A demolition service may sound like the type of thing that only takes place on a home or business that can no longer be salvaged. However, the opposite is true. Demolitions can take place in controlled environments so that only a specific area of a property is removed.

For example, many homeowners may experience the need to demolition a rotting patio at some point or another. They may also have the need to demolition a shed or other part of the home that no longer meets the Las Vegas or Henderson code.

At TGA Handyman Services LLC we have over 18 years of experience and are able to meet your demolition needs. To get in touch with us and learn more, please give us a call at 702-755-3316.

Bathroom Demolition Service

When you need to demolition a bathroom in order to remodel it, we can help you with the entire process. Our company can assist with renting a dumpster, removing cabinets, bathrooms, tubs, shower enclosures, and lighting fixtures. We are also experienced in removing flooring and drywall.

Kitchen Demolition Service in Las Vegas

When you need to remodel your kitchen, you’re likely looking for a service that is timely, clean, and reliable. At TGA Handyman Services LLC, we are experienced in removing appliances, cabinets, and kitchen islands. Our technicians take great care to finish reliably and on time so that your remodeling project can start as soon as possible. We all know how important the kitchen is and want to make sure that you’re able to cook in it and share meals again.

Deck and Patio Demolition Services

If your deck’s fasteners have started popping, or you’re noticing soft or bouncy boards, then it may be time to tear down your deck. At TGA Handyman Services LLC we can inspect your current patio or deck to make sure that it truly is not repairable before we get started with the demolition. If we find that it can be repaired, we will let you know so that you can compare the cost of removing it versus fixing it.

Demolition Services in Las Vegas

We can also remove free-standing garages, docks, gazebos, and many other structures inside or outside of your home. Give us a call at 702-755-3316 to get in touch with our Customer Care team and to learn more.

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